The Olympic Games, World Cup, Formula 1 or the Royal Opera in London – for major international events, SETEX is the worldwide market leader for inflammable textiles. SETEX offers the full range: spinning, weaving, dyeing, FR impragnating and manufacturing – all from a single source.
Safety at hand: SETEX event textiles meet all relevant international fire standards and building codes.

Special fabrics from the Event-Textilies range

Our stocking levels ensure products are always in stock, which means fast delivery times for you and a smooth production sequence.

dimmout fabrics for display set-ups

Black Out

  • Theatre curtains
  • Exhibition booth construction
  • Ceiling suspensions
  • Transverse elasticated wall coverings
  • Stand construction
  • Wide fabrics for stage set and scenery construction
  • Horizontal fabrics
  • Background fabrics
  • Photographic studios and cinemas
  • Acoustic fabrics

Your contacts in the field Event-Textilies

Dirk Büse

Sales Management Event-Textilies / Authorized representative

dirk.buese@setex.de+49 2852 9640-33

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Sarah Gärtners


sarah.gaertners@setex.de+49 2852 9640-610

Silke Heisterkamp

Sales Event-Textilies

silke.heisterkamp@setex.de+49 2852 9640-29

Sarah Niestegge

Sales Event-Textilies

sarah.niestegge@setex.de+49 2852 9640-613

Sebastian Sack

Sales Event-Textilies

sebastian.sack@setex.de+49 2852 9640-16

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