Weaving mills

SETEX manufactures using moren than 130 weaving machines in the latest design.

In two weaving halls, 89 of the most innovative weaving machines run (projectile weaving machines from Sulzer and Dornier air-nozzle weaving machines) at our Hamminkeln site. 48 further projectile weaving machines from Sulzer run in our branch in Rheine/Germany, SETEX manufactures fabrics to a production width of 540 cm. The perfect interplay between sophisticated technological design and innovative computer technology means the modern weaving systems truly excel. In addition, climate-controlled production facilities create the necessary conditions for manufacturing high-quality, flawless fabrics. By doing so, SETEX ensures the uncompromising implementation of customer wishes with maximum flexibility.

High-quality yarns lay the foundation


SETEX weaves textile products from carefully selected, high-quality yarns. Fibre yarns are produced from natural and synthetic raw materials, as well as raw material mixtures.