At our extremely modern sizing machine, we manufacture up to 250,000 kg of warps a month. A maximum width of 420 cm for plain white and bleached warps completes our high level of vertical integration before the actual weaving process itself.

We produce warps for our own products and also on commission for renowned weaving mills.

Warp manufacturing

Cutting edge technology makes it possible to manufacture the highest quality warps with up to 15,360 threads and a maximum useful width of 425 cm. In addition to sizing, warping and rewinding machines, SETEX has a high temperature warp beam bleaching plant with a tank capacity of around 1,000 kg.

Warping machines with the latest technology


At SETEX we use: Warping machines with a maximum thread count of 768 bobbins. Cutting edge warping machines.


Innovative rewinding machines


Our innovative rewinding machines ensure cost-effective recycling of used yarn rolls.


Bleaching warps


High temperature bleaching – our warp beam bleaching plant has a tank capacity of around 1,000 kg. For environmental reasons, a heat recovery unit is integrated into this plant to save energy.

State-of-the-art warping machines

Sizing machine


Sizing is done on a sizing machine with a maximum useful width of 405 cm with a maximum beam length of 425 cm and a warp beam flange diameter of 125 cm.

The SC WETZSIZE sizing machine helps improve machine efficiency, whilst at the same time reducing the material size that is used. Our sizing machine achieves a maximum thread count of 15,360.