Corporate Policy

The group-wide introduction and harmonisation of our integrated management system (IMS) will replace all existing corporate, quality, environmental and energy policies with this corporate policy.

The slogan „Textiles have a future - also in Germany“ To achieve this, we must achieve a sufficient return on investment to be able to make the necessary investments in modern machinery and a well-trained workforce.

We support the further development of our subsidiaries and help them to further establish themselves in the market.

The management of the SETEX group of companies is responsible for the definition of the company policy as well as its implementation, enforcement and internal / external communication.

The management obliges all employees* to familiarise themselves with the IMS and to carry out their activities in accordance with the applicable regulations in order to ensure that all activities are carried out in an environmentally and energy-conscious manner and in a qualitatively perfect manner.

Special emphasis is placed on the aspects of occupational safety and health protection. We meet this obligation to our employees by continuously working on maintaining and improving occupational health and safety throughout the entire process, from planning and implementation to the ongoing process. Hazards must be identified, systematically evaluated and countermeasures taken to eliminate or avoid them, and the remaining hazards must be kept as low as possible. Through training and instruction, employees are sensitized to the subject matter and encouraged to think and act in a safety-conscious manner.

Safety and acting in accordance with the law are essential parts of our corporate policy.

Version: November 2022

You can download our complete Code of Conduct here.

Quality policy

means for the SETEX group of companies the complete fulfilment of the contractually agreed requirements of our customers as well as other requirements of interested parties. Especially the above mentioned group-wide slogan implies a special responsibility regarding the quality of our products and the provided services.

The SETEX group of companies is aware of this responsibility and aims to fulfil it through competent application technology consulting, through the competitiveness of our products and services and through error-free and timely order realisation.

Environmental policy

Environmental management for the SETEX Group means the obligation to avoid environmental pollution and to analyse and sustainably implement requirements resulting from laws, directives and acts, and other compulsory requirements.

Environmentally conscious thinking and acting is an integral part of our daily work and is implemented in all production processes and departments. Already during the development of our services and during the procurement of all consumer products, we strive to minimize the environmental impact while taking economic aspects into account. In our production, we continuously work on the optimisation of processes with the aim of optimising the environmental impact as well as the use of energy and resources, reusability and waste avoidance.

Energy policy goal

of the SETEX group of companies in energy management is to continuously improve energy-related performance. This includes increasing energy efficiency and reducing specific energy consumption at the Dingden, Rheine and Bocholt sites.

Top management is committed to ensuring that

  • the necessary financial and structural requirements for achieving the set goals are ensured,
  • all employees are involved in the implementation and execution of the integrated management system and responsibilities are defined,
  • all necessary information is made available to each employee at all times,
  • relevant legal obligations and other requirements are taken into account and adhered to,
  • quality, environmental and energy data are regularly determined and reviewed,
  • economically feasible efficiency measures are planned and approved,
  • results are measured and reviewed through regular audits,
  • promote and maintain employee awareness and competence in quality, environmental and energy management,
  • Support the design and procurement of energy efficient and environmentally conscious products, facilities and services,
  • Involving interested parties in relevant decisions and making the company's policy available to them when they have a legitimate interest.

We are committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of our IMS and thus to sustainably improving our environmental performance (including energy performance) and the quality of our products and services.

The IMS receives full support and encouragement from the management of the SETEX group of companies. Necessary information and resources are provided as required.

Dingden, January 2022