Our WorkTex product line provides hard-wearing fabrics for manufacturing work and protective clothing. Special fibres are also processed in addition to cotton and polyester. SETEX fabrics, depending on their application, are finished with special materials such as PROBAN® or fluor carbon.

Products from the WorkTex range

The SETEX WorkTex products are certified according to Ökotex and fulfil the current standards of protection (e.g. DIN-EN-ISO 11611 + 11612, HuPF, DIN-EN-ISO 14116 etc.).

Apparel fabrics

individuell und robust

  • Permanent flame-retardant finishes (PROBAN®)
  • Water, oil and dirt repellent fluor carbon finishes

Product examples SAFETY AND WORK:

  • Cotton sateen and moleskin, in different weight classes (360 – 520 g/m²)
  • Welding protection fabrics with PROBAN® finishing
  • Lining material (among others, flame-resistant certified according to HuPF or DIN EN 14116)
  • Cotton - moleskin
  • Satin
  • Cotton fabrics in different weight classes
  • Different fabrics according to technical specifications

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