The "All around the mattress" range covers the entire concept of mattress protection: from toppers to pads right through to full protection. Unique functional products are the result of combining various cotton or blended fabrics with membrane systems. These products provide full mattress protection.

Products from the HomeTex range

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Slip covers suitable for allergy sufferers

For pillows, duvets and mattresses. With Sanitized® hygiene function

Terry cloth mattress protector

Incontinence fitted cover with laminated polypropylene/polyethylene membrane All-round binding with elastic bands in all four corners

Molleton mattress protector

Watertight topper with internal laminated polyurethane membrane with patterns suitable for children or bleached white as a transverse topper for the middle sector

Molleton multi-purpose cloth

With patterns suitable for children or bleached white

  • Molleton, Calmuc toppers (with twisted yarn)
  • Incontinence undersheets for hygiene purposes
  • Watertight fitted sheets
  • Fleece with hight suction function
  • Layered covers
  • Toppers
  • Bedsheets/fitted bedsheets
  • Protective covers for pillows, beds, mattresses

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