Textile manufacturer SETEX develops and produces for more than 25 years, mainly in Germany. When quality, right down to the smallest detail, is combined with sophisticated innovations, premium, interesting products are always the result. SETEX products meet tomorrow's requirements today.


Laboratory tests for quality assurance and development of new processes. Computer-aided testing procedures are essential when it comes to developing innovative new customer solutions. We constantly strive for perfection in our own laboratory and in collaboration with a variety of third party institutions. A clear sign of a company that bases its philosophy on quality.

Our laboratory tests/testing devices for quality assurance and development of new processes following the respective testing standard:

  • Burning cabinet: flame tests, DIN 54336 (firing time, glow time, charring zone)
  • Zwick tearing device: tensile strength (tear resistance, stretching of textiles)
  • Hot-air oven: determines the shrinkage rate of warp and weft
  • determines the resistance to penetration by water (tent fabric/coated goods)
  • Uster tearing device (for yarns): determines force and stretch
  • Yarn reel: determines the yarn count
  • Zweigle evenness tester (yarns): Quantitative determination of twists, thin and thick areas incl. fabric simulation
  • Sanforising/shrinkage values: Determines the shrinkage values in the warp and woof by means of a sanforising line (shrinkage default)
  • Crockmeter: determines the colour fastness/friction resistance of coloured textiles
  • Zweigle twist testing device: determines the number of twists in yarns/twines
  • Opaqueness: Testing using special light sources
  • Ironing press: adhesion tests incl. production inspections
  • Thickness measuring device: determines the thickness/volumes of textiles
  • Microscope: various fabric and fibre examinations
  • Spectrophometer: colorimetric colour analysis
Flame retardent test
Flame retardent test

Flame retardent test

Zwick tearing device
Zwick tearing device

Zwick tearing device


SETEX is certified in the following areas:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
    Quality Management System (PDF-Download)
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
    Environmental Management System (PDF-Download)
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
    Energy Management System (PDF-Download)
  • B1 (DIN 4102 B1)
  • German Flame Retardancy Standard for flame retardant building products. Materials that have been finished in accordance with B1 must self extinguish after the ignition source has been removed.
  • M1 (French Flame Retardancy Standard)
    Corresponds approximately to the German DIN 4102 B1.
  • HuPF
    production and test description for universal fire protection clothing
  • GOTS
    Global Organic Textile Standard
    „OEKO-TEX® Standard 100“ and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®