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Our extensive range of textile fabrics requires comprehensive, modern textile processing. Thanks to SETEX's versatile options for processing, almost all finishing versions can be manufactured internally.


16 raising machines of latest construction method to a finished width of 240 cm to 360 cm ensure a raising capacity, of around 400,000 running metres per week raised on one or both sides.

Sanforizing (shrinking)

The sanforizing unit with its integrated stenter frame enables us a sanforizing width of 300 cm. Furthermore the stenter has a Mahlo weft straightener and elecronic width measuring devices as well as an automatically weight control.

Coating and Laminating

The facility at SETEX can coat and laminate and apply backing fabrics up to a width of 340 cm. Using the hot-melt process, fabric laminates of all types are produced, e.g. with sheeting, membranes, foam, polyester non-woven, papers, and artifical leather. Tri-laminates are part of this range of products.



SETEX possesses a modern, gas-fired 6-field stenterframe with a preceding 2-roll equal pressure foulard, predryer and bow straightener.The twin air stenter has an integrated heat exchanger, which reduces in a environmentally friendly way the consumption of energy. Knitted and also woven fabrics with a width from 60 cm to 340 cm can be processed.

Areas of application for the stenter frame:

  • Thermosetting
  • Thermoinsulation
  • Water- repelling finish
  • Hydrophilic-finish
  • Flame-retardant finish
  • Antibacterial-finish (SANITIZED®)
  • Antiacaricide-finish (ACTIGARD®, MICROSTOP®, aegis, Proneem® etc.)
  • Various grips (soft or hard grip)
  • Wash-and-wear-finish
  • Dyeing

Thanks to computer monitoring and control of the plant, processes can be reproduced with a high level of consistency and can therefore be rendered more environmentally friendly as well as more cost effective.


Quilting machine

Five extremely modern, computer-controlled quilting machines (double-lockstitch and chain stitch) can manufacture various quilting samples (up to 360°) and logos up to a width of 300 cm, exactly as per individual customer requirements.


Together with our subsidiaries Grenzland-Färberei and Roessing Textilveredlung, we can offer various dyeing procedures: reactive, substantive and indanthren. In addition to the traditional jigger dyeing machine, we also dye using an innovative continuous plant for fabrics up to a maximum of 320 cm. An extremely modern dyeing laboratory completes this processing area.

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